Training Modules

Training Modules

Training Modules


Starting and growing companies deserve mentors with whom they have a relationship of trust and which results in the successful expansion of their company.Starting and growing companies deserve mentors with whom they have a relationship of trust and which results in the successful expansion of their company. In addition to the regular accelerator program, Asia Investment Services offers training from our accelerator programs that can be received separately.
These modules are adapted to your desired situation, personal or in (small) team context, one-off or a few recurring sessions, each with the duration of a half or full day.
Contact us for a first appointment to get us known and for free advice to determine where we can assist you with your business objectives.

Our training concept to accelerate business assumes

Training Goal
Our method brings business sustainability, improved business processes and exponential growth of sales and profit.

Whether it is with you as a client or with other project team members, we value collaboration as a means to achieve a common goal.

Innovation, to us, means using the latest and greatest solutions. We won’t apply the same technology to every given challenge.

We strive to help our clients transform the way they work. We are also committed to our own continual improvement.

Basic Training Course – how to accelerate your business!

Set your Business Framework; create business clarity and always good to get inspiration for specific follow-up modules
1. Idea: working out your business idea.
– what exactly is the application of the innovation?
– what are the boundaries to succeed?
– and in what environment is it applied?
– learn to pitch the idea.
2. Value: increase the value increase of your company
– what makes the idea distinctive?
– who assesses this value?
– how do you keep this value?
– how do you increase this value?
– steer on the KPI (Key Performance Indicators) that are important to you.
– are there others with similar solutions?
3. Business model: how do I make money?
– does your current business model still work?
– what are alternative revenue models?
– do create your own Business Model Canvas.
4. Strategy: working on your future.
– where do you want to go?
– which strategy is involved?
– determine your mission, vision, core values
– set your realistic goals for now and the near future.
– make your concrete action plan with clear targets.
5. Manage: managing your business.
– what type of manager are you?
– with which additional knowledge and personalities your company will be getting stronger.
– how is your current and ideal organisation built?
– how to manage a successful team.

Other training Modules

Business Vision
A strategic module in consultation with the management, in which we determine long and medium-term goals, which define the strategy to be followed.

Business Planning
Another strategic module, in consultation with the management, one or more days sessions to create a full business plan.

Personal Vision
Planning your personal development to achieve desired leadership and life balance for entrepreneurs and managers. Define the ‘your bigger why’ and hence power and direction

Team Vision Day
Give direction to the activities of the coming year to your entire team. On the basis of a tried and tested process, you and your entire team will work to determine where your company is and should go.

Marketing Masterclass
How do you set up a marketing system on which you can build and trust business? In this Masterclass, we will go deep into reinforcing strategies that systematically generate income for your company.

Sales & Front-end Marketing Module
This Module implements the first part of the commercial strategy. The aim is to identify as many suspects as possible, make your existence aware, activate and convert leads into a customer with an irresistible offer.

Back-end Marketing Module
This Module implements the second part of the commercial strategy and maximises conversion from a first buyer (frontend) to various follow-up purchases (backend) with a ‘win by sales growth and win-back strategies’.

Brand Value Module
Set the ideal market and market segmentation, select from your own brand archetype and define the “role” that your company will play on the market, and determine your 5 brand values.

Finance Masterclass
What is optimal risk management for scale-ups? We explore optimal investment decisions, including the opportunities for growth financing within optimal value development and the prevention of the future negotiating position.

Financial Cash is King Day
The value of a company is the total of the expected cash flow. But cash optimisation also plays an essential role in the short term. In the Cash-King Day, you get insights and instruments to optimise cash flows.

Business Status & Project Impact Day
Brainstorming with different team members in which a direct translation is made from business status to concrete implementation: improvements, projects and managers.

Business Status & Project Roadmap Day
Here strategic choices are made about the commitment and priorities of employees. Postponing implementations or increasing the available resources thus become conscious investment decisions.

Project Progress Module
The purpose of this module is to plan in detail and (have to) monitor the strategic and operational activities. Within this work is worked with work division, workload monitoring, project planning and (project) progress control.