Business Finance Tips: What You Need To Know.

Business Finance Tips: What You Need To Know.

Posted on: 04 Sep, 2021

What is Business finance?

Business finance is the optimal raising and managing of funds of businesses. It includes acquiring, utilizing, and enhancing the funds and consists of financing, planning, analysis, and operations control. The owner-manager usually performs these activities in SME's or a member of his management team responsible for finance, control & administration. Usually, the daily routine of the financial operations is assigned to the less-experienced staff.

Typically, the owner-director of an SME will make the financial decisions himself, often initiated by the chartered accountant and possibly assisted by the advisors and senior management. This contrasts to larger companies, which often have various finance committees for analysis & decision-making, investments, audits and annual reports.

In practice, we notice that the entrepreneur often does not pay sufficient attention to the financial administration of his business. And as an excuse, it is argued that entrepreneurs aren't administrators. The underlying reasons are that financial and administrative proceedings are not experienced as pleasant activities by entrepreneurs and require an accurate working method with potentially mood-sensitive and confrontational results. Furthermore, business finance requires financial insight and specific knowledge regarding accounting, taxes and automation.

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